Friday, 28 February 2014

Accelerate Your Business With Unique Page Name and Page Description!!

For a proper business growth, it is mandatory to attract potential customer while sustaining the existing one. Attractive site features assist you to hold command on prospective clientage. With these appealing site features, Search engines boost your business to your possible customers. To make your site stands apart, Provide detailed page name and site description. These are the two important web features that help your business grow smoothly.
Meta Tags

Page name or the page title describes a web page to search engines.  It is imperative because Google and other search engines use it to determine the content and context of the page. The more informative your title the better chance of your webpage to appear and appear higher in Google search results. Page name is situated at the top of the web browser, in the browser tab of the search result pages.  Things to be remembering with page name:

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Guidelines to Rectify Your 404 error page!!

The most annoying thing that a web browser usually experiences is the tag line “404 error page” or “Page Not Found”. This makes the visitor to lose interest in the respective site and consequences may not say beneficial for any growing business. This problem occurs when a link is clicked that does not exist. A visitor sees “404 error page” when he tries to access a non existing page on the website. A 404 error page can appear when the page is moved or deleted, or the link is broken. There are three basic steps by which you can transform 404 error page problems into a business opportunity.
404 Error

• Do not create a visual disconnect same local field as rest of the website, including the navigation. Let the visitor know what actually happen.
• Avoid the use of technical language, it makes the visitor flabbergasted.
• Guide the visitor to the website linked to most popular contents including search box.
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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Benefits of Responsive Design of a site’s SEO

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Google and WWW have evolved in the last few years drastically. Today people work more on their smart phones and tabs than on the traditional computer. And we can also notice a dynamic change in the style and format of a page when opened in a mobile phone browser. [Source:]

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Investigating a Hacked Site and Assessing the Damage

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Hacking is one of the prime problems web users face now a days. Hence, when a site is hacked assessing the site and getting into the cyber criminal’s mind to know his ultimate intention is very important. Hacking is done for the following reasons:

Frequently Made Errors in SEO and Best Practices in SEO

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As we all know, SEO is a process followed to increase the visibility of a web site or web page in a search engine’s search result. The more frequently a web page emerges in the search result; chances of visiting the site by the users will be more.

Let us look in to the 5 mistakes commonly made in SEO

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Facebook Update #1

Recently facebook has announced update regarding facebook pages, Where from 20 February 2014  admin will be seeing there name on the post which they have created, This one going to help administrator of page(If there are multiple admin).
For ex:-

•Your Page has 3 Admin than on a page post name of the person will be appear next to posted by.

•Same goes for comment, Name of the person will be appearing below the comment next to comment on by.

•This feature will be only visible to people help to manage your page.

•Currently this feature is not available to everyone.

Source:(Facebook Help)

Are article Directories Used Links Worth?

Webmaster console in Google receives a lot of interesting questions about links, indexes, crawling etc. One of the questions asked which is worth discussing was whether links from relevant content in article directories is seen as good or bad? For example is it recommended to link a beauty website from a cosmetic article on said?
Article Directory

Friday, 7 February 2014

Google Algorithm: How Are Search Results Ranked?

Google makes use of Page Rank, which is an algorithm to rank web pages and websites in search results. In the entire process, Google weighs the importance of websites to rank them accordingly. However, now question arises if Google makes use of the same algorithm to rank search results on 1st page or does it uses different algorithms?

Deal With Minor Duplicate Content Issue with Canonical Tag

Canonical Tag

Are you wondering how you can avoid being caught by Google even if your website has minor duplicate content? How would Google duplicate content filter address the issue? There are several ways to combat the situation and one of the best one is to make use of “rel=canonical” tag. The trick undoubtedly works in the case of white hat and top-notch quality news publishers, especially when they are publishing breaking stories.

The Secret to Make Content Go Viral

With so many sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, social media is on the rise these days. These websites have made it very easy to share videos, articles or any marketing campaign with friends and friends of friends, thus making it go viral. However, the task is not that easy as it sounds. But if you also want your content to get maximum number of views, likes and comments in a short span of time, the key to the success if undoubtedly is maintaining consistency. This is the secret that can let your content go viral.


For years, there have been several deliberations and debates as to how should an individual set up country-specific websites in regards to hosting locations as well as IP address. And now what comes as good news for web developers and designers is that there is no need to have a separate IP address for each country-specific website.

How is Duplicate Content Handled by Google?

Duplicate Content

Webmasters usually ponder as to how Google or other search engines treat duplicate content. As far as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules are concerned, they keep on changing with time. So it is always advisable to stay in tune with Google’s rules so that there is no negative effect on search engine rankings. No doubt, Google always advocate high quality and original content so as to come up with relevant and quality searches.


Guest Blogging
If you are among those who think that in coming future, Google will penalize guest bloggers then there are certain things that you must keep in your mind when you consider it. First and foremost, one must never make guest blogging the only link building strategy. This may end up giving a negative result. The best option is to make attempts and try to earn links on the basis of high quality content as well as merit. Some of the recommendations made by Google are as follows:


Are you wondering if those links from comments on your blog would assist your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy or would blog comments end up having a negative impact on your SEO strategy? It is undoubtedly frustrating to moderate the comments all the time and determine if they are spam. So what is the solution? How should one ensure that the comments don’t end up making the blog spam? In such cases, it is advisable to post comments on the blog only which are topically relevant to it. And it can be linked to one’s personal blog in place of Google webmaster’s blog. This is because when a person comments on a blog, he/she is representing himself/herself.


Links Per page

It has been a topic of debate since a long time as to what should be the maximum number of links that should be placed on a page. Is 100 the magic number? If it is, what would be the consequences if one breaks this barrier? No doubt, earlier Google had advised that links should be kept to a reasonable number which is 100. But now just as everything else is evolving, so have the web and these guidelines. With such involvement in technical guidelines, content on websites as well as the way to present the content, Google has removed the guideline.
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Are you thinking to copy paste few sentences from other websites and combine them to form articles? Are you sure that your website would do well if you follow the practice of copy paste in the website’s write-ups? This is definitely not a good technique. Your site would not do well if you try to come up with unique content by combining various sentences from different sources and provide their source information that is URLs. To avoid using such techniques, one can avail content writing services from a professional to make the task easy.

How Should Older Domains Compete with the Newer Ones?

One of the important advices given by the Google webmaster console is to take a fresh look at your site. If you land on random website on a search result, even if they are into the business for fourteen – fifteen years, you will notice sometimes they have not updated their templates or page layout in years together and it looks like a stale or an older site and that is the sort of thing which might not be appropriate for the business.Source[]

How Social Media Sites Are Ranked?

You have heard about crawling and indexing and ranking. These three operations are of utmost importance to Google Webmaster Console. So, do you have any idea whether Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are ranked in the traditional way or whether their signals are part of the ranking algorithm?[SOURCE:]