Saturday, 20 September 2014

Importance Of Designing A Compelling Ad With The Right Keywords and Proper Links

Since most consumers today use keywords to search for their desired products online, ad creators need to ensure that use not only the appropriate keywords but also the most popular ones while designing a campaign.

It is important for the ad to highlight the specific features offered by business organization which make it different from other service providers. This might include special discounts being offered on specific products, or the minimum delivery time or even the free shipment of purchased products. Anything that might seem profitable to the customer should be made a part of the ad.

Another important factor to keep in mind while creating an ad is that the customers are mostly specific about their requirements. So it is important to use exact keywords and phrases that real customers are most likely to search for. For example while creating an ad for a rugged laptop device, using keywords like water resistant laptops, or spill proof laptops can prove more effective and attention grabbing. 

The most common mistake that ad creators make is to link the ad with the home page of the service providing website. This often tends to turn off the customers as compared to when they are directly led to the exact product page on clicking the ad link and enhancing the chances of a purchase. 

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